Thursday, January 6, 2011

Juliette Hogan

I don't get excited about current clothing very often, but I am totally smitten with Juliette Hogan's Winter 2010 Collection .

How do i love it? let me count the ways.
1. The bows, of course all those ginormous bows (sigh).
2. the colors: latte, olive, navy, lavender, brown and especially that peachy coral.
3. how its half minimal and half whimsical.
4. the silhouettes (i just can't stop loving a flouncy highwaisted skirt).
5. the fabrics, lots of delicious silk

This is just all kinds of inspiring to me.

thanks for reading,

p.s. man, i would love to do something like this background for adelaide's. i'm trying to figure out how to be inspired by it without copying it. hmmm...


  1. Yeah, I love this background too. The way the items in the background create a frame for the look~ lovely.

  2. Oh those are delicious! I would buy pretty much everything.
    About the background, it's very clean and pretty when the pictures are large but you need to think about how it would look in a thumbnail - it might look "dirty" and discourage people from looking.

  3. Gorgeous!
    Thank you for introducing me to this designer.

    I'm currently dreaming about the Valma dress

  4. oh! in love with that giant knit bow! i am definitely making my self one! not sure if i have the pizazz to pull it off like that gal, but i will try!

  5. what a fab background! -- you should go for recreating that vibe-- whatever you do I'm sure you'll put your own spin on it and make it yours. ♥

  6. I'm loving this collection--thanks for sharing! I especially appreciate the "half minimal/half whimsical" look--it's something that I'm drawn towards. Off to look at the entire collection and be inspired!

    ♥ Casey | blog