Friday, June 25, 2010


The Sartorialist posted this photo today and i thought, "Now, she seems like the kind of person i could share tea and scones with." Doesn't she just radiate joy and warmth?
"On the Street...Eva, Florence"
i also just love her style, and her hair.
thanks for reading,


  1. She is lovely! I must curl my hair so it looks like that! Thanks for sharing doll! ;o)

  2. you must! i'm hoping mine can look like this in one of the growing out stages.

  3. I saw that too! She is gorgeous and defiantly looks so radiant. I love the clown like collar. My hair is curly like that, but it's slightly longer so it starts turning into ringlets :)

  4. zohar, i agree, i love that collar...and i love that she doesn't look clownlike wearing it.

  5. Love the hair, cuffs, and collar! Very sweet.

  6. I do! In fact one of the first blog posts I did last year was one on Bob Dylanesque hair that I wanted at the time, and I pulled a photo from the Sartorialist of this very girl! How funny.

    Oh, and for the record, I picked up a certain dance video from the library today. We'll have to compare notes!