Tuesday, June 22, 2010

An outfit: Peach and Plum love continues...

I wanted to do an outfit post with the peach and plum color story last week, but that little feature became so ginormous, i thought it would be too much.

this Dress is a peach cotton calico dress and i accented it with little bits of plum. the dress was a maxi so I shortened it and took it in at the sides some. the belt is just plum grosgrain ribbon in a bow, which made me feel like a little girl. and plum woven shoes. i absolutely adore sleeves like this, i call them " butterfly sleeves" but don't know what their actual name is. they just make me feel utterly feminine. and i know its a simple little dress but i love the neckline too, lined in cream lace. Bear with me, i took WAY too many pictures and couldn't decide which ones i liked best so i used them all :) sorry.

About a month after i get my hair cut, i get these little "wings" in front of my ears. some days i love them and some days they drive me nutso. but as odd as it sounds, i liked them with this outfit.

and the details...

i hope you are having a lovely summer!

thanks so much for reading,



  1. Very sweet dress--great job! And it's a nice, unexpected color combination. I *love* that purse!

  2. Oh wow that bag is to die for - such a great accessory for your lovely dress.

  3. May I politely and respectfully request more pictures of S and the pickup?

  4. when i has that short hair cut, i loved those little wings by the ears and let them grow a bit longer making the short haircut super feminine.