Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lovely Summer Days

Lots of fun finds this past week...thrifted these two chairs that worked perfectly in our front room (please excuse the primed-over bright red wall there in the back, it will soon be robin's egg blue :) Got this fabric at an estate sale, not sure what its for yet, but don't tell my husband that.
another estate sale find, the PERFECT crewel embroidered pillow. this little 2 dollar find has brought me so much joy this week.

This lovely scene jumped out at me on my morning walk.

estate sale horse, will be hung in future baby bun casteel's room, flying through the air. (got this idea from my painting teacher, jodi...her son's room is an amazing, imagination-enticing, wonderland)

pretty mailbox

The first hydrangeas bloomed on our bushes early this week!

My dog, Dylan, using the armrest in the truck (completely of his own accord). and i swear he is smiling.

just a bit of my life this week :) hope you are enjoying YOUR summer days.

thanks for reading,



  1. Such lovely finds....and that picture of your dog is AMAZING!

  2. I love this many pretty things, including your dog which made me laugh! I also like when you put up photos of your home, it's looks very lovely :)

  3. Oh Maria, such lovely pictures!! What an amazing idea to put a flying horse up in a child's room!

  4. WOW! Those chairs are stunning! They seem to be in excellent condition.

  5. Love the two chairs. What a great score! I think the fabric would be great in a future girl baby's bedroom -- especially with the horse. So cute!

  6. That photo of Dylan--!!! Love it. We can't let Lucy be unsupervised by an open car window. After we first got her, she got her body halfway out the window (of the moving vehicle) when she spotted a raccoon.

  7. Wow, your dog is pretty great and now I want to see pictures of that wonderland baby's room!

  8. a) your pup is just too cute, and apparently super cool!

    b) your house is way sweet. i want to spend a weekend there!

  9. What wonderful finds! And I'm completely smitten with the idea of putting up a flying horse in a child's room. Pure magic!

  10. dylan is an absolute handsome young man! i love smiley dogs. i have 2 myself. people stop me all the time to compliment their smiling faces. you really scored with those 2 chairs and the rocking horse. awesome finds!