Monday, January 18, 2010

A Time For Fancy

I have to admit I was more than a little disappointed when I found out that my husband's christmas party did not require formal attire. I think the conversation went something like this, me: "I'm so excited to wear that blue velvet dress tonite" sc: " ummm, honey i think most people will be wearing jeans" me: "what?? that's terrible! what is the point of you having a corporate job if you don't even have a fancy christmas party?....rant, rant, etc. boohoo." So, kind husband promised me an occasion in which i would get to wear this blue velvet 30's dress that I bought for the shop, tried on, then tried NOT to look in the mirror, looked in the mirror, and kept (this happens too often).

So saturday nite we went to 1924 Main. if you come to Kansas city or live near here, you should go, its pretty fantastic. It's also pretty fantastic to look at the person you've been with for 10 years and still REALLY like talking to them. and i still think he's just so gosh darn handsome, too, which is fun :) so, Here is the dress i waited a month to wear: (the last pic is not from this weekend, its from when i THOUGHT i was modeling the dress for the shop. oops!)

Grey Cloche Hat -Urban Outfitters, Aristocrat Coat borrowed from here
Midnight Blue 1930's Dress with lace Collar-Local Antique Store
p.s. sorry some of the pictures are dark.
thanks for reading,


  1. lovely dress! so lovely! you look terribly cute in every way. and i feel the same way about my husband, i just love spending time with time, we have the best conversations when we go out to dinner.

  2. best dress ever. you give me the heads up if you ever sell that thing. i die!!!!

  3. That dress is stunning! isn't it ashame how people don't dress up anymore for parties.I told my Mom that I'm going to start having parties where dressing up is a must! haha
    Aren't hubbys great! Jonny and I laugh all time when we're together. He's the brightest spot in my life.

  4. Women were lucky back then. They dressed up anytime they went out. Can you imagine? I'd love it.
    Even in the 1700's, with all the uncomfortable corsets and hoopskirts, I'd still love it. That's probably my favorite era of clothes. 1750-1800. I was born in the wrong era!
    -Ellie Ann

  5. the dress is darling!!! i love the lace collar! you must wear it again! and so nice of your husband to find an occasion to take you out so you could wear the dress! yay!

  6. First of all...Super adorable dress! Secondly...Seriously, isn't that the main benefit of a corporate job getting all dressed up for the Christmas party!? Haha. Glad you got an occasion to show it off. You look darlin!