Friday, January 29, 2010

Tempting Spring

Two Sundays ago, it was spring here. I swear it was. It was warrrm and sunny and it smelled like blossoms somehow.
And so to commemorate what i thought was spring, i wore a pink dress (at least this is the closest i usually get to pink). I Got this great dress from a wonderful shop called Stellate Vintage and i simply had to show you its buttons because they are one of the greatest things about the dress and so springlike.
And a Sweater, since it was not actually Spring

Thanks for reading,



  1. That dress is amazing! I love the sweater with is too. It was spring here too only a few days ago, what happened?!

  2. Love the dress; and I can't help but notice the amazing background in the first picture. Wow! Is that a sheet.
    And you wear sweaters year round- not just spring. :-)

  3. I love that black and white photo! Even your shadow looks so feminine and pretty. :)

  4. i adore that dress, it's real lovely on you too!

  5. The dress is darling. It's always so nice to hae pieces with tiny details you love, like those buttons! I feel the same way about the weather down here in Texas. I swear it was Spring and then, what, 35 degrees? Ugh!

  6. you're so darling in that little number. it's very becoming