Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Art Of Trying

My mama made this...um...embroidered patchworky thingamabob when she was newly married. Now, perhaps she was not the most skilled embroiderer/quilter in all the land (as you can probably tell). But she wanted to make something to represent how she was feeling: this new sense of home. and this is what she made. She hung it in her house and it brought joy to her and to those who saw it.
Many days I am paralyzed by fear when it comes to creating. I think, "I'm not as good at sewing as so and so, or i can't even remember the last time i picked up a paintbrush." I can get so afraid of what might come into existence that i don't even begin.

But when i look at this silly little art that my mom made (which hangs in my studio), it urges me on... she didn't care that it wasn't the very best in the world. She just went for it. She made something that represented what she felt and it brought pleasure to her and to those who saw it. maybe i'm overly simplistic in my thinking, but isn't that really what art is all about?

So, in the spirit of new years resolutions; I would love for my mom's picture to encourage you (and me) to CREATE this year. Whatever your art is: sewing, writing, music, making etsy listings, cooking...whatever it is, JUST TRY...see what comes out. it might be better than you think.

As for me, i'm going to try to sew more this year. I really want to make more reconstructed or completely homemade items for the shop. and I'd love to hear what YOU are working on :)

thanks for reading,

p.s. i swear this blog won't always be so sappy.


  1. What a fantastic point to make - I think 90% of the time my lack of creativity comes from my suspected lack of skills, but often than not my favorite pieces of work are those created when I simply dive into a project. I've been drawing more lately, even though I haven't drawn very much for years, but it's a great creative outlet, even if I just sketch for fun!

  2. It does take a lot of courage to create things. Thanks for the great post!!

  3. Hey Maria.... Creation is a crazy thing... Lately it has been easier for me to just buy what I need instead of hunt it up or create it... but is that always the best way? i justify buying thinking i am gaining time and saving my sanity, but i also feel like i am losing touch with that creative side of me.

    its been over seven years since i have thrown a pot. part of me likes to sit comfortably in the memory that i was good at ceramics instead of facing the fear that somehow i wont know what i am doing any more and will in fact be bad at it. i probably do suck at it, but that is what i get for trying to preserve my ceramics-self-worth for years. ridiculous.

    that is also why i dont play tennis anymore... :) who can live up to the memories of the comstock park invitational IN HIGH SCHOOL???

  4. I didn't feel like writing this afternoon until I read this. Thank you.