Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Seersucker Social

I often wish that there were more events in my life to dress up for. Kansas City may not be the center of such things although some dear folks are trying to change that (thanks Donna!)
Alas, I must live vicariously through this little dress, which got to go to on one such outing in Washington, DC. Below is the story :) enjoy.
"On June 12th, about 500 dandies and quaintrelles got gussied up in their best seersucker garb and cycled down to Hillwood Estate, Museum and Gardens which provided a magical setting for the post-ride social. This is the Summer version of the "Tweed Ride", and offers the same delightful kind of unique entertainment experience, encouraging folks once again to mount their bicycles in high style."
doesn't this event look fabulously fun?
thank you to Sara, for sharing where the dress went with you and your fab pictures!
to see a totally beautiful video made about the event. click Here

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  1. Um this is the most amazing thing ever! First of all I can't believe I missed that dress but I feel better seeing its new owner in it. She rocks it like I couldn't. And second of all, why do I live in the wilds? Nothing like a Seersucker Social would ever occur here. I think I may go pout now.

  2. Seersucker SOCIAL!!?!? Count me in forever!!!!!!!

  3. How perfect! Wish I was there! How fun!

  4. oh wow this looks a lot like the governors island jazz parties does'nt it? The dress is so pretty and Maria I totally understand what you're saying. I have a few premiere worthy dresses with no premieres to go too :)

  5. That is SUPER! Um, M, I betcha there are Tweed Rides going on somewhere near you. I saw Tweed Riders here in Grand Rapids last autumn. They were adorable. Granted, it was during Art Prize (hence, greater likelihood of spotting young hipsters) but still! If Grand Rapids has Tweed Riders, I betcha KC does!

    Great dress!

  6. I wish I could be there... Madrid may look like a city with great events to go to dressed up, but actually it's not that way, my beautiful dresses are waiting on the closet, poor ones ;)

  7. Omigosh that looks SO fun! Super cute, thanks for sharing!