Friday, August 27, 2010

Fall Favorites

As Autumn nears, my favorites section has exploded as i cannot help but be drawn to these beautiful fall colors.
1960's Carpet Bag Purse by Marie's Vintage (i'm a little obsessed with tapestry purses)

1940's Studded Dress by Prance and Swagger. wow.

Chipped Yellow Knobs by Violette Slippers (this shops has gobs of awesome hardware).
Ankle Strap Pumps in Plum by Pinapple Mint (plum shoes are the greatest, they add color, but can also act as a neutral) this shop has TONS of awesome shoes to choose from.

1950's Jonothan Logan Dress by Purple Deer Vintage. yum.

"Our Town" Print by Swallow Field. Just incredible, I love this artist's imagination.

Spiced Chai Sailor Dress by Bombshell Bettie Vintage (is she the cutest or what??)

Midcentury Swivel Chair by Vintage Renewal. love this era of furniture.

Curly Cocoon Mustard Neckwarmer by Ayca. looks so soft and warm...

1950's Miss Bergdorf Stripe Dress by Thirteen Eightyfive. Perfection in a dress, hurry up you x-smalls!

High Waist Plaid Trousers by Dalena Vintage. Lovely trousers!

Thanks so much for looking



  1. You made my day....
    Thank you for participating my neckwarmer...It's a lovely blog...So nice to be here!

    Love from Istanbul...

  2. Awesome faves! It would be hard to pick just one! But I do adore the little spiced chai sailor dress~
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Hey! Thank you for the feature. I think most humans become alive during the Fall season.

  4. Oh perfection! I sooooo adore the dress from 1385! It's been in my favorites!

  5. Pretty picks! I'm sooo ready for fall, it was a little cooler today and I can feel it coming!

  6. Omgoodness i'm blushing like mad over here ;) thank you so very much for the feature of my sailor dress..its one of my favs too!

  7. Oh my! I pretty much love every single item - but my favorites are: the chipped yellow knobs, the 1950's Jonothan Logan Dress, the "our town" print, and the Spiced Chai Sailor Dress (she is awesome). Great selection once again my dear

  8. oh, your blog is lovely. thank you for featuring my print! i really love the items you've shown and the palette!

  9. The striped dress and Swallow Field print are gorgeous! What an awesome fall collection

  10. LOVE the trousers 7 the print...great finds!


  11. Blushing! But I'm really in love with that tapestry bag...Adorable and perfect for Fall.