Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Mama's Clothes and My Dad's Eyes

I look nothing like my mom. nothing. she has gorgeous chestnut brown hair, big brown eyes, and olive skin. I got all of my dad's features for sure, well, except for his nose (thank goodness :). This is my mom's dress. its navy calico cotton with crochet lace around the neckline. a tinier floral at the shoulders and puff sleeves. ahhhh. When other folks were wearing ginormous pointy collar, thick polyester dresses, my mom was wearing this. (okay, maybe she had her share of the other stuff, too).
My dad died when i was 18. he died in december, but this time of year (early august) is when he got sick. it's when my life began to change forever. When i pulled up these pictures into my computer, i couldn't help but think "i look like my dad in these pictures." over and over. For those of us who have lost someone close to you, you know how much you wish to see that person's face again? and when i looked at these pictures i felt like i was seeing him. wearing my mama's dress and having my dad's blue eyes made me feel so rooted in my family, somehow representing the perfect mix that my parents were together.
so this little outfit meant a lot to me.
Sorry if I'm oversharing. i just wanted to tell a bit of what was going on with me.

thanks for reading,

p.s. this 1940's embroidered purse is from Greatest Friend . if you haven't checked out her shop yet, you need to. now.


  1. what a sweet, heartfelt post, i think you look cuter here than ever.

  2. You look lovely in that dress!
    I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad. I look like my Dad too, so I can understand how that would make you feel. I lost my Nanny to cancer (my dads mom) when I was 14 and it's still very hard for me to look at pictures of her or to go to her home. I loved her so dearly, she was like a second mother to me. Just writing this makes me teary eyed. She died in September, so getting close to that time is hard for me. xoxoxo

  3. don't apologize for oversharing! i love it when people are real on their blogs, and talk about what's really going on in their lives. and i'm so sorry about your father darlin' - but the fact that you get to recognize him in your reflection is something. i look just like my father too, so even though he's still around, i've definitely thought about what it'll be like to see my face and be reminded of his once he's gone.

    and on a less serious note, i love this outfit so much :)

  4. oh, what a sweet and heart-wrenching little post.
    and that is the most perfect dress ever, enhanced exponentially by the fact that it was your mum' it's like infinite :)

  5. you are the sweetest. you've touched my heart today. Have a great rest of the week blue eyed beauty :)

  6. What a beautiful, sweet post. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Sorry to hear about your father. :(
    But it's so special that you can see him in you. I look WAY too much like my dad too, and I DID get his nose. :-/ Really wish I had a dress my mama used to wear, how grateful you must be!

  8. I couldn't help it, had to share this song with you. It's about the singer losing her father, but always reminds me of losing my grandma.
    My favorite lines:
    "I tell myself now, things I would have told to you, the smallest plans, the greatest news..."
    and "In me will you shine..." (precious)

    It's beautiful.
    hope you enjoy. :)

  9. thank you so much, Everyone! i feel so supported and loved.

  10. Very pretty dress!! I look more like my dad too feature wise, but many people tell me I look like my mom - but even my parents and husband admit I have much more of my dad's features and think it is very odd when people tell me I look like my mom when I really don't haha. oh well!
    You are beautiful by the way!!!!!!!!!