Monday, July 19, 2010

A Mini Holiday

When I stay around home for the weekend, I become very tempted to work, or clean, or "get stuff done." So, Steve and I decided to go for a tiny country holiday and get away from all of that. We both have a soft spot for small country towns so we escaped just an hour and a half away to Boonville, MO.
I wore this wonderful 1940's dress i just got from Bonjour Dolly. Its the coolest, comfiest cotton and was perfect for traipsing through rural towns.
We had no agenda, except to spend time together and enjoy life, so we were able to stop wherever we wanted. this was one of our favorite shops:
Steve found a round fan and some vintage bottle openers which he has been looking for for a long time.
Then off to Glasgow, MO for the best cheese cake in the world, at the Rolling Pin, ah...I've been wanting this cheese cake for months. Can you tell?

well. um. that's a new idea.

We stayed at the Hotel Frederick, built in 1905 right beside the missouri river. Completely restored by its current owners and they did a gorgeous job. What surprised me about it was how simple and modern their decor was. Just stunning and peaceful (which seemed to be the theme of our trip). If you are ever in these parts, you should stay there.

dinner at glenn's cafe, on the veranda. i would LIKE to apologize about the poor quality of this picture of my favorite person, but i can't. It was caused by the sun setting behind him, which i could never apologize for. I brightened it up in editing so you could see his nice smile.

a pretty building in Boonville. Steve and I both have a liking for painted signs on old buildings. and how perfect is the elderly man reading on the front stoop?

Last, we stopped at our friends, Roger and Elzan's, farm. I was born in Columbia and lived around this area until i was two, so coming back always feels like home.

The drive out there was so beautiful; I felt such peace and joy watching the green hills rush past my window. There is something intensely beautifuly to me about the lush, treefilled, hilly landscape of Missouri, with its vegtable gardens and sleeping sheep and rusting brokendown trucks in front yards.

oh, back to "real" life.

thanks for reading,



  1. I almost bought that dress! I am glad I didn't, cause it looks too cute on you! :)

    Your mini break with Steve looks awesome! Glad you had a great time! Every deserves a vaca!

  2. Oh how glorious! I just ADORE that sweet dress! It's looks like you two just had the most lovely time!
    Ohhhhh, and you're making me want to cut my hair!!!

  3. it looks like you had some nice winding down time. we are doing that very same thing this weekend and i am really looking forward to it!

  4. I love your shop... and I don't know why it took me so long to checkout your blog but it's lovely! Looks like such a great trip! I want some cheesecake now.

  5. Oh dear, the dress couldn't look more wonderful on you!!! It's perfect!!! I'm so, so glad I decided to part with it because it looks tons better on you than it ever did on me--it definitely found the perfect home! I'm so glad you love it! You look beautiful in it! xx

  6. What a lovely weekend! I am the same way, if I stay at home on the weekend all I want to do is work. What is the deal!? It's like I can't cut off.

    You look adorable in that dress and especially cute in front of that yummy looking cheesecake!

  7. Ah--just the kind of weekend Andy and I like to spend together! I think we have (or had) a round fan just like the one Steve found. And I love your dress!

    Y'know, I'm a Show Me State girl--born in St. Louis. And my dad went to school in Columbia. I bet there's lots of pretty country driving and small town thrifting to do around the state!

  8. Wow. I love all the pictures from your trip!

  9. ... especially the sheep and the old man. :)