Sunday, July 4, 2010

a lazy fourth of july and a sneaky peaky

well, here's a lesson in humility for me. yipes, this has been me this week. stressed OUT. there's this thing that happens to me where my etsy shop takes over our house like a vicious monster that won't stop until he's conquered 3 floors of house. this week i had to clean to get ready for a concert we had at our house, and i had to organize a ton of stuff and then i felt mad at myself for not being better organized in the first place. and then i didn't have time to work on etsy so i resented myself even more. it sucked. as much as i'm tempted to make this blog seem like i'm perfect, and my house is perfect and a cute squirrel named Sophie brings me my organic breakfast every morning, i refuse. sometimes i have crappy weeks and things go wrong. some days i wear t-shirts and don't have any time for make-up. sometimes i get really sad and feel disappointed in i'm being honest.
however, it is definitely okay ( and even encouraged) to laugh at this picture.

So that's why i've been a lame blogger this week and also why we decided to ditch the crowds and have a lazy fourth of july day at home. although we did go to a flea market and found this splendid tufted leather 1950's Bench

I screamed "stop!" to steve so i could go pick these snowy weeds the other day. a good weed is hard to find in the city. they were a dime a dozen in the midwest where i grew up.
My wonderful friend laurie brought me about a hundred wooden spools in the loveliest colors, i haven't figured out quite what to do with them yet, but right now they're a fantastic makeshift bouquet in this planter.

Gramaphone salt and pepper shakes from mousetrap on etsy. the hubby not only collects salt and pepper shakers but also vintage sound equipment so this was the PERFECT present. He was pretty excited when he opened it.

one of a few small things i don't like about our house is that there is no window over the sink. so i hung this picture and pretend that this is my backyard, while i'm washing dishes. there are not a lot of things i find more beautiful than flowering trees. meet scout finch, my other pup. this is where she has spent most of her weekend, behind a yellow chair, deathly afraid of the fireworks that are constantly going off in our neighborhood. seriously, it sounds like armageddon.

the poor soul

and an extremely tiny shop preview :)

Hopefully i'll be feeling like this again soon, only with red lipstick and combed hair :)

I hope you all are having good, relaxing or exciting independence days, however you like them!

and if you are new to the blog, i promise i don't post frightening pictures of myself often :)

Thanks for reading,



  1. hi dear, it's okay to be human, we all are..

  2. Oh I understand SO MUCH - I'm (hopefuly) finishing my degree this year and I'm knee deep into papers so I can't really do anything with my shop which makes me really blah. So I'm here for you sister.
    Also, the bench is to die for and those slat and paper shakers are so great :)

  3. I know exactly what you're going through. Stay strong and thank you for beeing yourself.

    Love always

  4. maria, i just have to tell you, honestly (and i am brutally honest to a fault!) that i have never seen you look better than in the first photo. seriously. you look awesome. i shit you not.

  5. I hope this week is better. Thanks for sharing.


  6. thanks so much for your encouragement, everyone :)

  7. Awww, Maria! You can't be perfect all the time! You should see my house. ;)

    PS: So glad you and the hubby like those little S&Ps!


  8. sarah, i want to see your house! here i come, philly.