Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cherry Picking

A few weeks ago, i got to go cherry picking with one of my very best friends.

One of my best friends, Ryla, happens to be 2 years old. I was Ryla's nanny from age 3 months to age 1.5 years and she will always hold a very special place in my heart. We share a love for fashion, cereal, playing outside and singing silly songs.

She picks out almost all of her own outfits and gosh, i wish you could see her creativity.

Hey, its hard work, people. mmmm soymilk.

Lisa, the cabbage patch doll, came too. She wore fishnet stockings, which wasn't very practical if you ask me.
Bffs :)
I know this post was picture heavy, so thanks for sticking it out :)


  1. aww..this post made me so happy! your best friend is so cute! it's so sweet that you hang with her :)

    and what was lisa thinking with those stockings?

  2. Ryla is so stinkin cute. And I think I know why she likes Lisa so much...because she looks just like her! I love, love, love this post.

  3. Very sweet! The cherries hanging on the tree are insanely shiny and perfect-looking. I love both of your outfits.

  4. Great post! Ryla is just darling, and I love both of your outfits!

  5. oh i loveeee her name. she's adorable. I can see she is a sweetheart, so no wonder why you enjoyed being her nanny. You can see the love between you!

  6. This is the most adorable post, Maria!!!