Saturday, July 31, 2010

Here She Comes

The Queen of Dresses, or at least the queen of the dresses in my humble shop :) . The most beautiful Dress i've ever found and possibly ever seen.
a 1950's, (possibly late 40's) gown, which i believe to be made of organdy. a ruched section dances around the skirt of the dress. and the pattern is reminiscent of a watercolor painting in the most wonderful colors. She's coming into the shop by the end of the week.
Photography this lovely made me realize how an artist falls in love with his muse. i had so much fun photographing her, that i took 53 pictures, though i need only 5! and these darn pictures do her no justice.

She is not without her battle wounds, but i am determined to find her a home that sees her beauty past her small stains (her tears have been most craftily healed by my seamstress, Laurie). anyway. I was excited to share :)

sorry i've been a bad blogger this week

thanks for reading, m


  1. oh wow, she is such a beauty..wonderful find!

  2. That is pretty amazing :) so soft and romantic looking. I hope you enjoyed your vacation!

  3. So pretty! Whoever buys her, is going to be one lucky lady.

  4. Can;t wait to see her in your shop!

  5. Gorgeous, just gorgeous! What more can I say?