Tuesday, March 2, 2010

An Etsyversary

It's been one year since I embarked on this little venture called Adelaide's homesewn.

I can't believe all the wonderful people I've met through internetland; people that i now consider to be very good friends. I have felt a range of emotions from disappointment to ecstatic inspiration and joy over this year. I am thankful for all that I have learned and ways that I have discovered who I am. Yes, this is the overarching feeling that I have: thankfulness.

So, to anyone who purchased something in my shop, liked something in my shop, encouraged me to keep going, answered my annoying questions as i tried to figure it all out, read my blog, listened to my frustrations, endured my tweets.....THANK YOU!! more than you know....

In other news, we bought a 1960's Ford Ranger. Now i can make some serious thrift store hauls!

And Just for fun my top TEN favorite Sales...

Thanks for reading,


  1. Congrats and here's to another amazing year!
    I love the last top/dress it is beautiful~

  2. You have a gift Maria--thanks for sharing your gift with others!

  3. congrats*congrats*congrats*congrats*congrats*congrats*congrats*congrats*congrats*congrats*congrats*congrats*congrats*congrats*congrats*congrats*congrats*congrats*congrats*congrats*congrats*congrats*congrats*congrats*congrats*congrats*congrats*congrats*!!!!!!!

    you're adorable on the super cool pickup
    and you're just sweet as sugar all around,
    the etsy/internet place is much warmer because of your presence!

  4. such a cute blog post. and you are adorable on that truck.
    wishing you double and triple the sales in your second year!

  5. thanks for sharing maria. I hope you feel beautiful because you sure are sitting atop that truck! so fun! congrats :)

  6. Congrats! The fact that you've only been on here a year is so inspiring to me. Thanks for sharing yourself, your kindness, and your talents with us. SUPER jealous of the new truck! I've always wanted a vintage truck. Enjoy and here's to many more happy years!

  7. Love that light pink dress..gorgeous! Congrats on one year!

  8. Found you through Caroline's site. Sincerely jealous of that pickup truck!

  9. Happy Etsy-versary, Maria! You have a beautiful shop (as your top ten shows). Love the truck!

  10. Congrats!! I love your shop, keep up the great work Maria! ^.^
    I'll be back for more ;)

  11. Congratulations, Maria! You have such a fabulous shop! You and Etsy were meant to be : )

  12. Yay! 1 year down, many more to go. Can't wait to take that truck on a photo shoot. :)