Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Chop

I have a Plan.

On my 30th birthday I am going to chop all my hair off.

But my looming 3pm haircut is making me want to deviate from the plan and get the darn pixie cut 4 YEARS ahead of schedule.
and i get that it probably won't look good. You have to be stunning to pull of these haircuts, and i'm rather goofy, with all sorts of unsymmetry about my face. but its something i just have to do get that right?
But, I will more likely come home with more of the same :)

thanks for reading,



  1. If you want a pixie now, go for it! You can grow it out again in four years and cut it again if you wish. Now is the best time to do it, early Spring, trust me! I've done it.

    Sarah Louise

  2. oh goodness... we'll wait patiently for the outcome. (and, btw, I think you'd look darling with a little pixie cut.)

  3. it's best to get a pixie cut while youthful! you'll look great and it's definitely worth a try! plus, it grows out (slowly but surely)

  4. do it!!!! there's nothing better than a pixie and you would look wonderful with it! i'm always tempted to cut my hair again :o)

  5. Ahhh! I know I already told you that I like your long hair, but now I'm just excited to see a pixie cut on your beautiful face.

    Conclusion: Whatever you do will be awesome. (Sorry that's the lamest conclusion ever.)

  6. Maria, you're lovely and I think you'd look great in a pixie. I haven't had my hair that short since college, and the only thing keeping me from doing it again is the upkeep.