Thursday, February 21, 2013


I pull his stocking cap onto his fuzzy head and tie his furry little boots around his ankles.
"are you ready to go on an adventure, asher? "
we step onto the porch, the breeze bites at us and asher breathes in deeply. "it's cold, isn't it buddy?" he smiles back at me. "do you see any birds, asher? "  "twee! twee! " he says, pointing to the sky. He pats my back gently as we walk to the car, a rythym he has felt on his own back; the one that i taught him.
our great adventure is... to the grocery store.
   Asher waves at each person we see, "hiiiii! " he squeals, baring his seven tooth grin. "wow, he's a happy one! " says a stranger. I smile inwardly thinking, "his name means happy; its who he is."
asher gives out smiles without judgment. He doesn't notice how someone is dressed, how much they weigh, what color they are. to him, each new person is a potential best friend. His eyes scan the colors of the produce, his fingers reach for the different textures that he sees. Each day is an adventure to him, and he's teaching me to think that way too.
    Ash is awake with wonder; at the sound of a bird, and the way the light reflects in water, and the feel of a cold breeze. And even at the wonder of meeting another person. I want to relearn all these things that have become commonplace to me. And i feel like i AM getting to relearn them. through asher's eyes.
   Today, Can I remember to be awake? to actually taste my food, to sense the goodness of Steve's hand in mine, feel the warmth of my shower, see the colors of nature and thank God that i'm alive? i want to remember. God is helping me to remember, through my boy.

thanks for reading,


  1. This post is so beautiful! I'm learning so much through you and Asher. I want to be as happy and open as your sweet boy!

    Plus, that photo just fills my heart with so much joy!

  2. I follow you in instagram a little while because I really love to see how much happy is your son. I was looking your instagram and I see your blog and Oh My God, I really love it. You are such a good mom and I have sure that Asher is really happy with you and your husband. Sorry for my bad english because I'm from Brazil. You really make me have kids - and adopt - one day. Please, give a little kiss in baby Asher from Brazil!

  3. Such great sentiments, Maria. This is actually something I've been thinking about lately - how the longer we live the more conditioned we are to feel and think certain things based on past reactions and how we lose our sense of wonder and amazement with life, the most wondrous gift of all, the longer we experience it. We could all learn a thing or two from Asher, it seems. :)

  4. What a great post. Thanks for sharing.