Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Dress Comes Alive

I am thrilled that my 60th post on this blog gets to be this one. This was one of my favorite dresses i have ever had in the shop, so i was thrilled when the gorgeous lady who purchased it sent in a picture of herself in it.
She wore it to a friend's 1940's themed wedding, and here she is swing dancing! doesn't she just make it come alive? and her accessories are perfect too!

If YOU send in a picture of yourself that i can feature in a blog post (wearing your adelaide's purchase) you receive 10% off your next purchase.
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AND the WINNER is....

Congratulations MOD ELLE, you've just won $40 dollar certificate towards awesome vintage at fluffly pink bunnies!!!
thanks to everyone who entered. come back and play again

Saturday, May 22, 2010

An Anniversary Outfit

A few months ago, i became privvy to a dillapidated warehouse full of vintage. this is one of the dresses that i nabbed, a 1940's rayon dress in my favorite colors, with perfectly puffed sleeves and delightful buttons. I know its sounds terrible, but i was so glad to find that it was in too poor condition to sell, but in perfect condition for me to love.
our anniversary night seemed like the perfect chance to wear it.
I LOVE when i can coerce steve into taking pictures of me. there is only one guy in the world that makes me smile and makes my eyes twinkle like this.

the evening's details...

clockwise from top
1. steve's eye crinkles; these are present when my husband is smiling or laughing. they mean a lot to me.

2. my dress and hair barette. i was pretty over the moon about how the teal flowers were just the same as the one on my dress
3. justice drugstore, where we ate. totally amazing fancy food.
4. my 1940's shoes.
5. us.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

A Thankful Anniversary

I said, "hey, i want to love you forever!" to this guy ^ five years ago today.

yeah that's right, its the big 05 :) I'm honored to call this selfless, kind, handsome, intelligent, music-loving, pipesmoking man my husband. here's to 80 more years, love!
in the words of buddy the elf, "i'm in love, i'm in love and i don't care who knows it!"

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shop Update

enjoy this week's shop update! a little pale, a little romantic, and some fun novelty prints.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fluffy Pink Bunnies Giveaway!

The Adelaide's Blog very first giveaway comes courtesy of Fluffy Pink Bunnies Vintage
The proprietress, Melanie, has been so kind to offer up a 40 dollar gift certificate towards any item in her shop! (i've given a few choices out of my favorites but there is much more to see).
1. go to fluffy pink bunnie's shop and leave a comment here of what your favorite item is and your email address so we can contact you if you win.
For 1 additional entry into the drawing...
2. retweet this giveaway on twitter, or
3. Follow FPB on twitter @fluffyvintage

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i hope you win!
The Winner will be announced Sunday, May 23rd

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Brass Razoo

Finding these images of the Brass Razoo made my mind dance with wonderment. Decorating to me is all about layers; layers of texture and color that inspire and interest you and also make you feel completely at home. These images are interesting, beautiful, eclectic and oh so perfectly layered with color, texture, and the perfect mix of styles: from victorian to midcentury.
The Brass Razoo is a boutique in Nampa specializing in recycled and redesigned clothing, jewelery and furniture and I am oh so tempted to plan my next vacation on seeing these images in person:) I also love their value on bringing "restored beauty and worth" to dillapidated items. read more about the brass razoo at the end of the post.

"The Brass Razoo is a boutique located in the heart of historic downtown Nampa. We are passionate about the restoration process. Many of the pieces that we sell are created from recycled materials. Our message is that just as many of our inventory is- so are you- irreplaceable.

We pride ourselves in providing high quality pieces at affordable prices. Our selection is unique and eclectic, many pieces being Brass Razoo originals. Our jewelry selection consists of primarily one of a kind pieces that are assembled from recreating vintage pieces. As is our line of redesigned vintage clothing and accessories. We now also carry vintage, retro, and modern furniture and home decor; many pieces have been redesigned by Brass Razoo. We are also the exclusive distributors for Simply Grove furniture and home decor. With all of the merchandise we intend to send the message of restored beauty and worth and to portray another aspect of sustainable art.Resale, recycled, redesigned merchandise, shop sensibly and embrace the concept of restored beauty and worth."
--the brass razoo's facebook page.

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Still Sailing

If sailor dresses insist on putting themselves in front of me, then i will continue to snap them up.
enjoy this shop update--and those clogs are super fun!~ buy 'em up :)

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