Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Scenes From a Home

I wanted to share bits of my home today. We bought it about a year ago and it is still very much a work in progress. it was built in the 1900s and is full of oddities that i love like the wall paper in one room of my studio which husband has named "pixelated autumn". These first pictures are off our bedroom...i hope you enjoy your visit.

My mom gave us our bed, and both our dressers as a wedding gift. thanks mama!
This painting is in our bathroom. I love the concept: french girl stands under tree with balloons and umbrella. perfect.

My studio

My favorite silk dress and my grandmother's tapestry purse (I have an intense love for those bags)

My favorite color palette

The girls, awaiting their next photo shoot.

above the packaging area, my janky ribbon rack.
Valentine's day present

My kitchen shelf which we yanked out of my closet thinking, "those brackets are way too pretty to be hiding in a closet!"
My golden rose curtains which i thrifted ages ago and LOVE with my aubergine-coffee walls(kitchen)
this hangs in our living room, because i want to do this: help heal hearts.
living room, curtains from ikea--got the idea via sarah of moustrap vintage.
living room art
the study, where this guy is often found listening to records.
thanks for reading!
and for coming over today :)


  1. Love, love, love your home. Thank you so much for sharing. Especially appreciate the shelf that was too pretty to live in a closet and your living room. Divine!

  2. you two have such a lovely home! so cozy and peaceful, and definitely full of character! i'd love to see more photos of your studio, too.

  3. Oh what joyous fun this entry is!

  4. Lovely lovely lovely! I'm moving soon so this is great inspiration. Thank you for sharing!

    Sarah Louise

  5. inspiring and peaceful, love the decor. our house is 90 years old -- it's always 'speaking' to me! the paintings are incredible, too... where ever did you find girl/balloon?? and how do you heal hearts??

  6. Thanks everyone! and bibby's rocket, i thrifted the girl with the balloon painting. and by healing hearts i just meant loving people :)

  7. Beautiful, beautiful! I love seeing vintage hanging on walls as art.

  8. AMAZING, Maria! I want to live here, too! :)

  9. Your home is absolutely lovely! ^.^