Friday, May 7, 2010

Mixing Prints

Anthropologie has this really neat section on print mixing and it made me want to play, too. polka dot blouse, striped AND floral skirt and heck, why not some polka dot wedge sandals for fun. i thrifted this virgin cashmere sweater and it is the softest thing EVER. i love it. enjoy :)

polka blouse= thrifted, striped skirt= thrifted and shortened, shoes...okay its all thrifted.
thanks for reading :)



  1. Cute outfit! I love mixing prints -- sometimes a bit too much. This outfit is a great combo.

  2. Okay, I LOVE this outfit! Looks like it's straight out of an Anthro catalog.

  3. I'm seconding Alicia: LOVE this look. And frankly, looks BETTER than something out of Anthro. (I'm anti-Anthro though, so perhaps I'm biased. But I don't think so!)

  4. Cute! The mix is really adorable. :)

  5. Very cute, I love the polka dots with the stripy skirt!