Saturday, May 15, 2010

Preserved in Painting

I had seen Lauren Maurer's work on deargolden's blog and I was ecstatic and honored when she contacted me to see if she could paint some of the dresses in my shop. I can't wait to buy these prints and get to "keep" some of the dresses that have gone to new homes. I hope you enjoy the interview with this lovely artist.

Lauren, I know you are inspired by vintage dresses, but what else inspires you?
I am inspired by water, oceans, lakes, beaches, and all things coastal. I'm lucky to live on Lake Murray here in South Carolina, and be surrounded by such beauty! I'm also inspired by watching people, and by other artists' art. I'm lucky to have met so many amazing artists in South Carolina, and around the world online. They are a constant source of encouragement and inspiration, though my blog and on Facebook. I also participate in monthly online challenges, which challenge artists to paint from photographs of things they normally wouldn't think of painting. There's inspiration all around, if you take the time to notice it!
How did you learn to paint?
I just really really liked art and art supplies when I was little. Toys paled in comparison to a new, fresh box of crayolas. Paints, charcoals, clay, anything I could get my little hands on. As I got older, I never seemed to leave the house without paint on my hands (or in my hair). I have never taken any formal art classes, I've just relied on the idea of when at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Being in contact with people online gives me much needed feedback, and I'm never afraid to try something new.I think am still learning to paint, and I still love art and art supplies. It's an ongoing love affair.
Who are some of your favorite artists?
Ah, too many to name! I love the artists Doug Hoover, Kerri Settle, R. Garriott, Karin Jurick, Alisa Wilcher, Lee Monts, Rachel Parker, Myrna Wacknov, David Lobenberg, Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, and many, many more! Seriously, I could go on and on!
Is etsy your day job or do you work somewhere else too?
Being an artist is what I like to consider my "real" job, but I also happen to work part time for a dentist as a patient care coordinator, and of course, being a mommy and wife is a job in and of itself! My long term goal is to eventually have just family and art as my job.

What does your day look like? how do you get motivated to paint?
I am usually always motivated to paint. My day is such that I no longer can paint in oils, but have moved to water based mediums, becuase painting is in between everything else going on in my life, which is quite a bit! Water based mediums are easier cleanup, and if I need to set it down and then pick it up a while leter, that works! When I get home from work, I paint a little, update my Etsy shop, check emails, work on commissions, paint some more, check homework, paint a little, update my blog and Facebook, make dinner, paint some more...... you get the idea!

Tell us about yourself, married? kids?
I am married and have one daughter. I live on beautiful Lake Murray and I am truely grateful for Etsy and all of my Facebook fans, blog followers, and everyone who has taken the time to check out my art online or come by a local art show! I've met so many great people, including Maria, who was kind enough to let me "borrow" her dress photos to paint and been a doll to get to know!

Also be sure to check out Lauren's facebook, blog, website and etsy store


  1. Hi Adelaide, Your post popped up on my Google search and I was flattered and astounded to find myself mentioned as one of Lauren's favorite artists, and in such amazing company (thank you both)!

    Adelaide, your dresses are beautfifully elegant and retro... wonderful draping. How cool that Lauren painted such wonderful 'portraits' of them.

  2. I love, love, love these paintings. Totally adorable and sweet.