Tuesday, April 20, 2010

They're all Relatives

It's always fun to find clothes that seem related, and after lauren of deargolden's post here and Karen of Small earth Vintage's post , i wanted to share my little finds.
These two dresses below seem like sisters, both large check gingham, both with ginormous bows. they were both in my shop and now have gone to good homes.

while these 2, from very different eras (1940's-1970's) and both living happily in my closet, i can only assume to be grandmother and grandaughter. i love the matching brick red color, the tie at the neck and the beautiful cream smocking.

what twins, sisters or related clothing have you found? i thought it was fun that karen found her twins in other shops, so be on the lookout. please do share :)

thanks for reading,


  1. Love it! You know I loved those gingham/bow dresses and am not surprised they are off to happy homes. And your two red dresses are divine--I can't get over the similarity of that detailing at the shoulder!

  2. holy hell that 'grandmother' red dress might just cure me of my aversion to red! wow that's a beauty! luck you.

    AND, i love this post!