Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sassy Sister Vintage

Visiting Sassy Sister Vintage on Etsy is like walking into my favorite ecclectic vintage store. The owner, Kim, creates a very distinct and layered atmosphere of beauty, variety and creativity. I love her taste and the thoughtful photos that she takes. Sassy Sister has become one of my favorite (and most frequently shopped) stores, and I hope you have fun getting to know the owner, Kim.

How do you balance being a busy mom with being the owner of a small business? It is so hard sometimes. I just have to manage my time really well. My daughter Regan is 8 years old, so she's in school most of the day. My other daughter London is just 18 months and she's a demanding little girl. I'll typically work for a while after Regan goes to school in the morning and then in the evening when the girls go to bed. During the day it's everything else. I sometimes have to remind myself that my husband and girls are more important than vintage clothing, a shop, or anything else.

What is your favorite vintage item in your home? My mom blew a bunch of old family photos up in black and white and then matted and framed them. She's given me and my sisters a couple each year. I think they're so cool.
favorite vintage piece in your closet ? I have this amazing sheer blue dress from the 1950's that I really love. Something about the color and design of it really speak to me. Not to mention that it fits perfectly and I paid a whopping $1 for it!

what makes you like vintage? I have always been a bit of a free spirited, eccentric person, just like many other vintage clothing lovers seem to be. It's super fun not to look like everyone else who has gone to the mall and bought the latest fashions. Not that I don't do that, but a mixture of vintage and modern put together is so attractive. It's sort of a way of setting yourself apart and expressing yourself. Something about buying items that have a history or past has always appealed to me also. Not to mention that vintage clothing (and other vintage) seems to be made so much better.

what made you start your shop? My mom had an antiques shop in Tallahassee, FL about 12 years ago. She imported European furniture. She let me put some of my vintage clothing pieces up for sale that I had collected through the years. They sold pretty well and I loved the "high" of making a sale. I rented space in an antique mall where I currently live for about 5 years and sold vintage clothing and furniture. I closed it just a while after my second daughter was born. I decided to give Etsy a try.

what decade of clothes is your favorite and why? I think probably 1950's clothing is some of the prettiest; you can still find it wearable and intact and it's so well made. Some of the 1950s prom dresses are works of art as are many of those intricately beaded old sweaters that I happen to find from time to time. But then there are many pieces from the the 20's and 40's that are amazing too.
what do you do for fun? Hmmmmm. Doing this shop, taking care of husband and girls and trying to keep my house half way orderly take up a lot of my time. I LOVE junking and thrifting, they give me the ultimate high. Interior design, traveling, exercise and health are always at the top of my list too.

What's your advice on wearing vintage?
I'm probably a little older than the typical person selling vintage clothing online. I just turned 43 years old and have been wearing vintage clothing for about 15 years. You don't have to be a young 20 something to be cool and look stylish. I think many women tend to forget about themselves after they have children. They forget how they felt when they looked stylish and sort of let themselves go. They need to remember to take a little time for themselves. Women can wear vintage and look stylish at any age. It's all about putting pieces together in a tasteful manner that don't scream a certain decade but just compliment each other. Many people out there may be surprised at how chic they look when they put on a piece of vintage or try to wear something different than their norm. Give it a try :)
Thanks so much KIM! keep up the great work :)
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  1. Thanks so much for this interview! It was encouraging to hear of a mom trying (and succeeding) at a store, and putting her family first. Awesome!

  2. Thanks Maria for the interview and promoting my shop. You did such a great job! Kim at sassysistervintage :)

  3. How wonderful is she! definitely an inspiration! off I go to check out her shop!

  4. woah she looks so good for her age, and I hope I can also have that success, granted it is not the physical or material that matters or lasts, but the spirit that carries on. nice interview. I think it is great to learn about people who are stay at home moms with kids, because that is what I am.

  5. I love that shop, and what a fabulous interview :) Lovely blog too by the way!