Sunday, April 11, 2010

Simply Silk

A few weeks ago, i did a post about my favorite vintage blouse. well, it has since been upstaged by this lovely that i purchased last week from greatest friend. It was one of those purchases where you're pressing the "add to cart" button before you even have a chance to think. i know this outfit is super simple, but i just wanted to let the blouse shine, so i paired it with this lovely plum velvet flounce skirt and my Lord and Taylor pumps which i got from Kennedy Holmes (yes, this outfit is very "brought to you by etsy").
Cream and taupe are my favorite colors to wear and this blouse is both, plus its embroidered and has cutout detail AND is silk. oh goodness.
as a side note, i'm playing with new ways to do my hair. this is my slightly modish/twiggy inspired side sweep. i like it, it feels very clean and simple. to go with this outfit.

thanks ever so much for reading,



  1. fits like a dream! - on you with your lovely pale colouring - it eludes so much more of olde world charm, so happy that the two of you are together!

  2. I love the blouse and your velvet skirt!

  3. Yes, that top is lovely.

    It's seems like a lot of my outfits are Etsy finds these days...and I love it.

  4. I love the whole outfit--how do you wear that pale color without looking deathly?! Tell me your secret, because I am not able to do so! I am very pale myself, and pale colors (though I love them) wash me out. It looks fantastic on you, and the hair is looking lovely, as well.

  5. Had I seen that blouse before you I am fairly certain I would have snapped it up, terribly pretty!

  6. that blouse is simply gorgeous!
    the hair is looking slick too.


  7. I love it all! You look absolutely gorgeous. The color scheme of the outfit warm and cozy yet still Spring and then that splash of red on your lips. Darling!

  8. I love this whole outfit! too lovely for words..that blouse is so great..and that skirt makes me weak in the knees. I love velvet!