Friday, February 19, 2010

Daring to be Rustic

The Other day when i was walking out of the post office, i thought, "Hey, my face isn't getting torn off by the wind!...and there's no slush to walk through...and it actually feels good outside!"

I remembered that there are times of the year that we humans LIKE to be outside and this reminded me of hiking. My husband is a big hiker. i am a little hiker. actually, i'm more of a walker. A few summers ago on our vacation, he convinced me to do a few days of backpacking. I was dubious. But It ended up being my very favorite part of the trip (other 2 parts= bonaroo+ exploring asheville, NC). It was so beautiful and peaceful there. Here are a few pictures from our adventures in the smokey mountains of TN and after that a Rustic Inspired Shop update.
p.s. I am in no way a fashionable hiker :)

He made me flapjacks :) go survivorman!

And a few things I'd like to throw on for a good Hike...

Thanks for reading,


  1. hey! we are hikers too, big time.
    and i love the rustic update, very my
    speed. :)

  2. These clothes are perfectly what I want to throw on this evening.

  3. This made me giggle. As it sounds like my life as well. When I suggest to my husband, "Let's go for a hike." I mean a walk in the woods. He thinks hours of up hill/rock adventuring. I also connected to this post b/c I went to college at Warren Wilson which is in Asheville! I love it there. My heart is in Asheville. This made me smile. THANKS!

  4. I'd love to hike in that red dress. AFter all, thousands of pioneer women hiked in petticoats and skirts.