Monday, June 10, 2013

my hypocrite outfit.

so you know how i'm always saying you can totally find dresses similar to anthropologie dress on etsy?... well, this time i didn't. i totally succumbed to the loveliness of this dress and just bought it from anthro. it was everything i was looking for in a summer dress. its super comfy, it hides the stuff about my body i hate, and it has neat embroidery.
 but at least i wore vintage shoes!
we vintage sellers sometimes feel guilty when we buy "new" clothing. isn't that weird?
i thrifted these shoes and they are the most comfortable sandals ever. plus they are perfect mom sandals because let's be honest, my toes haven't been painted in like 6 months.

Asher learned to walk and i'm enjoying it immensely. holding his hand and walking together is one of my favorite feelings i've experienced. He loves being outside and i secretly think he wants to just live outside. he cries almost every time we have to come in. i think its going to be a lovely summer.
what are you up to?


  1. Ha- it's a lovely, lovely dress, and it's nice not to worry about aging seams sometimes! I've never even seen this dress, and I thought I knew them all! :)

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  3. love it! you totally deserve a brand-new dress. xoxo

  4. Oh, girl. I suffer serious buyers remorse when I buy anything new. An Anthro dress got to me one time as well, so I understand! It's an amazing dress, too!

  5. lovely dress