Wednesday, October 24, 2012

intervention needed.

 yeah that's right folks, i got out of my jammies twice this week. winning at life!

hello, My name is maria. and i'm addicted to stripes.
i wear them almost every single day. and because asher is under my control, HE wears them almost everyday (insert evil laugh). my dear friend and neighbor, danielle, goes thrifting with me a lot and every time i pick out another striped item, she says "mariaaaaa, put it down! or i'm going to have a stripe intervention"

they just seem classic, and easy. This particular stripe dress belonged to my mama. in the 80s.
i really like the buttons down the side, even though i can't button them.
this was the perfect outfit for grocery shopping, and photographing, and being a gosh darn mom.
and though really its just a cousin to jammies, it looks at least a LITTLE more put together :)

shirt: stolen from my mom's attic (hi mom!)
grey leggings: target
vintage moccasins: thrifted.

what about you? is there a trend / pattern / style you just can't say no to?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New in the Shop and a few Previews

 coming soon
 coming soon
coming soon

 coming soon

Here's whats been new in the shop, but some are coming soon. if you see something that isn't listed yet and want more info, feel free to email me at 

Monday, October 22, 2012

October 21st.

 Hi Friends,
I borrowed this dress from the shop to wear to church this weekend. it was just perfect and so comfy. i love the print.
    I've decided to have a sitter one afternoon a week so that i can work on the shop a little bit, which i think will actually help me be a much happier mama, and is good news for you vintage lovers because i have a LOT of good vintage to share with you.

oh yes, and my hair is finally growing into a little bob, which i think i quite like. and i got an ombre treatment done, oh no wait! that's just my highlights growing out really poorly. haha.
i hope you all are well.
feel free to go buy this dress :)

thanks for reading,

Monday, October 1, 2012

a peaceful weekend

my weekend felt like this picture: utterly relaxing.
we travelled to Iowa to visit my dear sister and her family.
Asher spent lots of time snuggling / wrestling on a bed full of  pillows with his five year old cousin, both of them giggling like crazy. They would pull the covers over their heads and watch the light shine through the fabric. asher would kick and flail his arms with joy and then Arthur would open them and say "boo!" which led to more giggling.
Arthur was so gentle with Asher, and kept telling him, "i just love you so much, Asher"
Asher is mesmerized by older kids and this time was so special for him.

my sister and i stayed up late drinking wine on her screened-in porch, with a perfect Iowa breeze, snuggled in cream knit blankets with christmas lights above us. Talking about our family, memories, God, motherhood, and life.

we had wonderful food cooked by my brother in law, had relay races and played kickball in the back yard with arthur and elliot (who is 1), went swinging at the park hearing their little voices say, "higher! faster!"
I remembered what its like to play so hard that you forget that its hot, or that there are bugs and all you want to do is run around goofily enough to see a one year old smile. i forgot what it was like to have an iphone, or check instagram (which is why i have no real pictures from my weekend and had to use this favorite old photo i nabbed from somewhere long ago).  i just got lost in the joy that comes from family.

so much pure joy!

i hope your weekend felt like this too.