Monday, October 22, 2012

October 21st.

 Hi Friends,
I borrowed this dress from the shop to wear to church this weekend. it was just perfect and so comfy. i love the print.
    I've decided to have a sitter one afternoon a week so that i can work on the shop a little bit, which i think will actually help me be a much happier mama, and is good news for you vintage lovers because i have a LOT of good vintage to share with you.

oh yes, and my hair is finally growing into a little bob, which i think i quite like. and i got an ombre treatment done, oh no wait! that's just my highlights growing out really poorly. haha.
i hope you all are well.
feel free to go buy this dress :)

thanks for reading,


  1. you're funny... an "ombre treatment" to your hair is a great explanation! I think you look beautiful! Glad you had a good weekend!

  2. You look lovely! I really love your hair bobbed, it's so adorable. Oh that sounds wonderful. I bet having an afternoon like that will be refreshing.


  3. gosh. you're cute. love that you have a sitter, also. BOOM. smart.

  4. my favorite pairings is boots and dresses, there is something tough about the look that i like, a nice break from the usual girly heels. the color on yours is perfect!

  5. It looks beautiful on you!!! That is good that you were able to borrow a dress!!