Wednesday, October 24, 2012

intervention needed.

 yeah that's right folks, i got out of my jammies twice this week. winning at life!

hello, My name is maria. and i'm addicted to stripes.
i wear them almost every single day. and because asher is under my control, HE wears them almost everyday (insert evil laugh). my dear friend and neighbor, danielle, goes thrifting with me a lot and every time i pick out another striped item, she says "mariaaaaa, put it down! or i'm going to have a stripe intervention"

they just seem classic, and easy. This particular stripe dress belonged to my mama. in the 80s.
i really like the buttons down the side, even though i can't button them.
this was the perfect outfit for grocery shopping, and photographing, and being a gosh darn mom.
and though really its just a cousin to jammies, it looks at least a LITTLE more put together :)

shirt: stolen from my mom's attic (hi mom!)
grey leggings: target
vintage moccasins: thrifted.

what about you? is there a trend / pattern / style you just can't say no to?


  1. You look so cute in stripes! I love that top you "borrowed" from your mom :)

    I have ar real obsession with side button sweaters and tops. If I see any top w/buttons along the shoulder/neck line... I have to try it on. Not really sure why, but I love them a lot!

  2. gorgeous outfit! love your style!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  3. i found your blog through your etsy shop! it's so lovely to find other kansas city, local bloggers!

    lindsey louise