Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Simplifying: An outfit.

Vintage Men's oxford: thrifted
target skirt: borrowed from a friend
shoes: target
bracelet: vintage, from my momma
purse: thrifted, vintage dooney and bourke

My wonderful friend Danielle offered to watch Asher this past friday night and steve and i got to go out for a night of cocktails, delicious food, and most of all marscapone ice cream (!!!)
you know i love Asher, but i have to admit, it was pretty great to look into steve's eyes and have a fluid conversation, and to eat my food without mr. grabby pants.
It turns out steve and i DO need alone time (i'm learning so much).
How do you carve out moments in a busy life to connect with your significant other? i would love to know :)

also, what the heck is up with my outfit?
a few years ago, when i started this blog, i was all like, "oh, this dress is fine but can you add six extra ruffles and 3 more peter pan collars and a bow! oh and please make it knee length because i hate maxis." exhibit A, exhibit B, Exhibit C
      however, now i apparently love maxi length, and i find myself just wanting to wear things that are VERY simple. like a men's shirt. isn't it weird how your style can change...i always wonder what makes it change? your age? your situation in life? what you see around you?
anywho, this outfit was inspired by blooming leopold.  because sometimes she ties her shirts in knots and i think it looks awesome.
i felt VERY different, and it was super fun. and steve loved it so that was a plus.

hope you all are well,
thank you for reading this,



  1. Well, whatever the reason, you look way comfortable and super cute!

  2. You look wonderful! I love how style can change like this. Perhaps it is just your moment for simplicity!

  3. I love tied-up shirts! =)


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