Monday, August 13, 2012

asher swings

we had a little family picnic last night. and ash got in the swing for the first time.
he liked it. like a lot.

excuse the crappy quality of my video, but the most important part is you can hear his giggle.

i love the expression below:

and guess what? i thrifted myself this straw hat! i still want a floppy felt one for fall but i was very excited. and even more excited by the label.

hope you all are well. it is a perfect 70 degrees here today, and i am just aching for fall.

thanks for reading,


  1. OMG so cuuuuute!!! I got a video of Corbin giggling this weekend too. Is there anything more adorable than baby giggles? I think not.
    We live right next to a park, i can't believe i haven't taken corbin to go swing yet! I think i might wait for the weather to cool though, its been in the 90s for the past month and I do not do well in the heat and corbin's practically see-through pale skin is probably not ready for heavy sun exposure like that.
    Also that hat is soooo cute! I love the little hearts on the brim.
    You are such an amazing mom Maria!

  2. yay i loved this post. I am so glad that asher loved the swing most babies do not like it and its the worse thing in the world. I love your hat and its a great find lol I bet its great to hid the sun. hope greatness for all other adventures!!

  3. Oh my goodness I want to squeeze that babies cheeks!
    Ya'll are just oozing with the love that comes from knowing the greatest Love of all.
    What a blessing!

  4. Beautiful baby! I'm so jealous of the swing experience. Viv's got the bobble head thing going on so we won't be swinging for quite awhile. Maybe this fall though!

  5. I just adore his smile. His giggle is so hilarious. awwwww!!!!