Tuesday, September 6, 2011


There's a folder on my desktop called "hairspiration" where i tuck away any hairstyles that i find intriguing or inspiring. I am supposedly growing my hair out now and looking to try for one of these little bobs (yeah, check back in 1 or 2 years :). What's your go to hair style? or the one you've always wanted to try? what's your favorite one of this mix?
as a side note: i love that the woman in the 5th picture from the bottom looks like a fawn.

happy tuesday!

thanks for reading,


p.s. i'm so sorry i don't have the sources for these :(


  1. I have a folder like that on my desktop too!

  2. i love every single one of them.
    damn you! don't tempt me into chopping my hairs!

  3. lauren, i love long hair too! i just am so far from that i can't even use it for inspiration. it feels absolutely unattainable :)

  4. I wish I could chop mine all off and have something fun like this! Too scared. One day.

  5. hairspiration...this made me laugh. all of them are adorbs.

  6. These are all so darling, they make me want to chop off my hair. No!!! Especially that pixie cut with the gal in the white tank.

  7. oh dear. my hair is pretty short right now, but i've been daydreaming of growing is luxuriously long and dying it pretty colors. but this post is kind of making me want to keep it short and sweet! i really love a lot of these photos... there are a lot i've never seen before either!