Monday, September 19, 2011

Cozy and Sparse

I like borrowing my housemate's Dwell magazines, but i don't often resonate with the style. it mostly seems uber modern to me and this style often makes me feel too cold. But this feature about designers Helen Rice and Josh Nissenboim and their home in Cherleston had me at hello. 
It feels both modern and cozy to me. And i love the older elements of the house that they kept the same. 
well, Rice said it best, 
"It was our love of the old materials that dictated a lot of the renovation decisions, 
we didn't want to alter those elements in any unnatural way. We wanted the space to feel warm but spare, with a mixture of old and new." i'd say they hit the nail on the head.

I think it can be difficult to keep things fresh and modern in a 19th century house (which is what we live in). but this gives me all sorts of inspiration. what do you think?

thanks for reading, 


  1. I love what they did with the place! They really did mix old and new very well...and that's hard to do.

  2. I love the kitchen but the other rooms seem to sterile for me. I also don't subscribe to Dwell for this reason. This couple might be a small exception.

  3. it's all that old wood that warms the space up. even when mixed with modern furnishings. it's pretty glorious.

  4. i totally agree with you-- i like modern but it has to have an element of comfy/cozy and natural materials like ceramic or wood to really appeal to me.