Monday, June 20, 2011

Nude and Black

i wore this out for a lovely night of eating sushi and shopping at Donna's Dress Shop. i made a couple of pretty incredible purchases which i will share later this week. i unearthed this blouse from a tub in my studio. its really interesting when i put something away to sell and then when i find it again, my tastes have changed and i have to keep it. the lace work is really stunning. 

blouse: vintage
skirt: thrifted
platforms: target
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  1. commenting on your blog while you are commenting on mine...

    i love nude & black.
    i love this blouse.
    i love your hair color!

  2. That blouse is amazing... you are smart to keep it! (And thanks for buying that lovely yellow dress from my shop today, I'm happy to know it will have a wonderful new home!)

  3. I swear you are getting prettier all the time! I love those types of blouses and I am so glad you kept that one for yourself.

  4. Nude and black is such a fabulous combination and it compliments your hair so well! LOVE that blouse!

  5. Just a perfect pairing. Love the classic red lipstick too!

  6. That blouse is amazing! You look so lovely!

  7. That blouse is killer. You look amazing. :)