Wednesday, May 4, 2011

studio sneak peak: fabric cabinet

As i mentioned, Aanna came to help me organize my studio. This is an important part of us getting ready to adopt because if my studio is disorganized, Adelaide's homesewn spills into the rest of the house making our home very poorly functioning and not home study passing material. 

AFTER! (sigh of happiness). 

 Isn't organizing a great feeling? especially when your bestie is helping you. i often think of myself as NOT digging structure, but certain types of structure can bring such beauty to the eye.
how is your week going??
thanks for reading,



  1. It's wonderful! You must feel so good every time you walk past it now!

  2. I love your cabinet, and it looks so lovely with all your fabric nice and organized in it. It feels so good to have things organized!

  3. fabulous! i need a better way of storing my fabric. i'll take your hutch. uhthankyou.

  4. oh i love to organize! It's the best feeling going to bed at night knowing that things are in order.

  5. What an awesome cupboard! I can't wait till I have a house and the space to have a proper sewing room.

  6. Well done! Reminds me I need to do some serious spring cleaning.

  7. Oh my goodness, your storage is positively dreamy! I wish I had space for something like that.