Monday, December 13, 2010

A Christmas Party

Steve's work christmas party was this past Saturday. Despite the fact that most people wear jeans, i decided to fancy up. i got this dress from Astral Boutique on etsy. When i spotted it, i screamed and then i pushed the "add to cart" button so fast i almost knocked over my coffee. Its hard for me to date, but Sasha assumes it is from the 1940's based on the lot of clothing she bought it with. its so unique. i'm such a ruffle-fiend.

Steve just LOVED this dress and told me about five times, "This is my favorite dress, ever." He almost always likes what i wear but doesn't always tell me quite THAT much, so that was pretty special.

As a side note, may i say that i can totally see why Susan Powter ended up with her infamous haircut. every time I go to my stylist I find myself saying, "I'd like it shorter and blonder." will i soon end up like this??? :)

The party was fun; talks with steve's work friends that are slowly becoming my friends and really yummy cheesecake.
thanks for reading, and looking at way too many pictures of me,


  1. gorgeous! love the amazing wool ruffles, and it looks great on you! nice haircut too...must get one of those...!

  2. Your reaction to the gray dress made me laugh. You're hilarious.

    P.S. That dress is exceedingly sexy.

  3. The ruffles are just amazing! :D I love it--definitely worth snatching up right away! ;)

    ♥ Casey | blog

  4. So cute! (I'm going for a cut on Thursday and will be going shorter, too--though not blonder!)

  5. wow! that dress is so pretty!!! ^,^

  6. what a fab dress, and so great for a Xmas party, you look adorable in it! looks comfy too which is important!

  7. I am so glad you step out from wearing JEANS, into a pretty dress. Our society needs classy gals like you to remind us to dress pretty. Life is too short to wear blue Everyday! The dress is just beautiful, I would have spilled my coffee over it too!

  8. What a great party outfit! The dress is stunning and suits you brilliantly :)

    Stacey @ VPV

  9. That dress is as exquisite as your new haircut!