Thursday, December 9, 2010

Avie Designs

When I realized that I was going to sell more than five things on etsy and needed some address labels, I searched etsy high and low. I wanted something cute, but not cutesy. something simple and not too trendy. I was delighted when I found Avie Designs and since that fateful day, avie has provided all of Adelaide's Homesewn's paper supply needs. She has even let me borrow the above design for my business card until I come up with a graphic for my shop. (oh, and if you didn't know, this is what package from my shop looks like :)
Proprietress Avis Wampler designs invitations, stationary, wrapping paper, bookplates, website and calling cards, greeting cards and much more!
and Avis is just as cute and sweet as her designs. I can definitely vouch for her incredible customer service!
so go support her at her big cartel or etsy shop

thanks for reading,


  1. Thanks for passing on such a positive endorsement. I need new cards, too.

  2. you're too kind! thanks a lot!

  3. awesomee