Friday, August 30, 2013

Anthropologie or Vintage?

               I know what i'd choose :) what about you?
                to see the jumper on the left, click HERE 


  1. i think sometimes people chose shops like antropolie because they just find it easier to go there, or some believe vintage doesn't look as sharp- but you've certainly proved that second one wrong w/ this pristine, classic dress! and of course i'm biased to vintage and handmade items as well : )
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  2. god I was in the city the other day and browsed windows of the major labels, all so so 60s right is amazing to me the prices these days for mass produced, very cheaply made clothing not really meant to last past 1-2 seasons of wearing, it makes our vintage online seem like such ridiculous great deals for classic timeless quality. But. I think the fragility at times of vintage, the specific fit etc is just hard for people to get used to, it becomes an addiction I think to buy "used" and one I am happy to's green, relatively inexpensive a lot of the time and supports small(er) businesses....I sense a blog rant coming...:)

  3. I'm going to choose vintage (or at least "not Anthropologie") every time, just based on principle! I agree with both Dus and Amy here. I get why people shop at places like Anthro; they've been genius at creating a whole look/lifestyle. And I suppose it can be hard for some people to get used to wearing vintage. (It's hard for me to imagine not wearing vintage, since I've been doing it since I was a teenager.) Not all vintage was superbly crafted; some of it was cheaply made, too. And yes, some of the much older items especially are quite delicate. (You really do have to know fit and have a different mindset to wear vintage. It's not all 95% stretch, like a lot of clothing now.) But I'm always surprised by the price differences between a classic vintage piece and the corresponding piece from an Anthropologie, which (unless something has changed I'm unaware of) was most likely made on the cheap. When I look at something like this, Maria, I always feel like I'm underpricing my stuff!

    Anyway, thanks for featuring my dress. It is a personal favorite, and if it wasn't about 14 sizes too small, would be staying firmly in my closet. :)