Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sister Dresses

the Dress on the left, is from the beautiful shop, Adored Vintage, whose proprietress is named Rodellee. The one on the right will be listed in my shop later this week.

when I saw the picture of the Rodellee's Dress on facebook, I squealed and immediately commented, "I have the sister dress! "

I don't know what thrills me so about finding a match like this. In some strange way, it feels to me as if Rodellee and I are like archeologists working in different places but colleagues. And we have brushed the dust off of two old bones, part of the same body, but somehow separated. Now they are reunited; if only in the sense that they will both find happy homes, instead of being hidden in a musty closet or dilapidating in a warehouse.

thanks for reading,


  1. Oh my goodness, love this so much!!! I so wish we could do a photoshoot with them together!

  2. I love finding matches too! These are both great : )

  3. I love identifying sister (and other familial ties) dresses- these are also gorgeous!