Friday, January 27, 2012

Ladycation volume Two


chocolate croissant and danish
a quirky shop in fayetteville, ar
my album cover
aanna dearest
awesome modern furniture store in fayetteville


Decades vintage shop in springfield
my morning cup

bananas foster crepes, and peach something crepes

red velvet
warm fuzzies

What i learned:  by maria 
1. motherhood unites
one of my greatest fears about us both becoming moms was that it might somehow be disconnecting because it is happening in quite different ways for us (i know that sounds weird but its how i felt).  Even though i knew that aanna wouldn’t act differently, it scared me that the chasm between us would be beyond our control. as we were able to openly discuss our excitements and fears about motherhood, i realized that though our experiences will be different, they are already and will continue to be intersecting in a lot of beautiful ways. 

2. I can still stay up until 4:00 in the morning giggling like a schoolgirl with my bestie. 

3. Sometimes looking at decor ideas in your jammies with your bff on pinterest until your eyeballs fall out is even more fun than getting a pedicure or (gasp!) shopping at cute boutiques.

4. You don't have to travel to a certain place to have a ton of fun with someone you love. you just have to be creative and look for special spots along the way. 

5. i love anything french. 

6. should one sneeze while eating a pear, one should try to hard to keep one's mouth closed to prevent covering an entire windshield (and car) in pear bits. oh jeez.

7. Aanna lets me be myself, and what’s more i LIKE myself when I am with her (this is a big deal for me, we’ll talk about that another day). being known by someone is such a great gift. 
8. i am a major wimp when it comes to picking out manicure colors. light pink, really maria? 

9. birth videos are somehow simultaneously frightening and inspiring. 

10. Aanna’s love for me is protective. she would wrestle someone to the ground for me if she had to (thankfully, she didn’t have to. but she would have)

thanks for reading,
i've missed you :)



  1. And now I will call my best friend back again! I miss her terribly. I think she should read these last two post. Such a beautiful perspective on a treasured relationship. Thanks for sharing.

  2. this pear incident sounds interesting. grant would be very upset if there were pear all over his car... sounds like your trip was a lot of fun. i'm jealous. also, when are you going to show us all your "nesting" results? like your kitchen and dining room lights, and the baby's room???!?! i'll just come over :)

  3. i just love everything about this.
    and also i laughed at your album cover. so great.

  4. i adore these photos! you guys are both so charming - i'm envious of your ladycation!