Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Cocktail Party

Donna's Dress Shop had her annual Cocktail Party this past saturday. This was my first year being able to attend and I was so excited to take this dress out on the town! 

 My lovely friends Jen and Danielle came over early and tried on a bazillion dresses and chose these 2, Danielle's (the one on the right) is now in the shop

goofy ladies :) 
We drank yummy pink champagne...
this is the back of Donna's Dress...it was incredible. 
we tried on lovely dresses... i purchased the black dress on the left: a Suzy Perette! 

And Donna Even thought up this great picture area, inspired by 1920s fair and event photos like the one above (i had to get in another shot of Donna's dress :) 

It was such a great night. my favorite dress to see in person was this one: 

check it out here . I wonder if anyone ended up purchasing it...

I love that its almost time for christmas and new years parties. Its so fun to fill the shop with satin and sparkles and lace. 

thanks for reading, 


  1. Your dress is a dream. And I LOVE that third picture of you. The whole evening sounded like it was so much fun!

  2. was that fair photo possibly taken at the old riverview park in chicago? my grandmother has a photo of herself as a child with the EXACT moon and stars background, which was taken at riverview in the 1920s. i believe it was torn down in the 60s, but it looked to be a very neat place!

  3. Your dress is beautiful! Sounds like a wonderful time!

  4. I looove your dress! What a great idea to recreate the old photo background too, it's so charming! :)

  5. I love this post! Such beautiful dresses worn by all. I'm definitely enamored by the back of your friend Donna's dress. Deep V backs and bows are always a stunning combo.

  6. Soooo much serious, serious dress envy in this post. Yours is particularly gorgeous!

  7. Fantastic dress, Maria! This is the second blog post I've read today that featured a "man in the moon" photobooth set up (the other was at a holiday vintage bazaar in Chicago). How funny--it really is charming!

  8. you are adorbs. also i need donnas dress or we can't be friends. how much is it. oh she isn't selling it? still ask her how much. great thanks.