Sunday, March 27, 2011

A House Full of Music

This past Friday evening we turned our house into a concert hall and enjoyed the music of Bill Mallonee and Muriah Rose.  People drank wine, ate cheese and strawberries (and lots of cookies) and enjoyed the good art of songwriting. We have a humungous old house that was built around 1900 and loves to be full of people, so it was satisfying to see it fulfilling its purpose.
Bill and Muriah are good people, warm and genuine. Their music is deep and throbbing with both the suffering and the incredible joy that life holds. It was a night of laughter, and thoughtfulness, and musical elation. i wish you ALL were there.

Whenever i watch jane austen period movies in which someone plays the piano and performs for a room full of respectful listeners, i think, "i wish we still did stuff like that." Last night felt a bit like that (in a much more relaxed and folksy way). We didn't go back quite that far in history, but it did feel like another place in time...before tv's and cell phones. when people sought human connection a bit more. ohhhhhhh sorry to rant. :) Do you know what i mean, though? 

I cut magnolia branches to decorate the house. 

I coaxed Muriah into doing an outfit post for me!

the stairs became seating.

lovely native american earrings, a gift from bill to muriah.

a well loved guitar

This is one of my favorite songs. you should go listen. and buy.

tomorrow i will show you what i wore, i loved it!
thanks so much for reading, 

*sorry about the grainy pics. my house has low lighting and i lack camera skills.


  1. Gorgeous music! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. looks like a truly lovely night!

  3. we were sad to not have made it. i just couldn't get off the couch. i have no excuse except that i'm ginormous and with child.

  4. What a lovely and amazing way to spend an evening. Dave and I hope to have our own Victorian house someday; I'd love to host a similiar event when it finally happens. Good friends and good music go hand-in-hand!

  5. wowsie that looks like SO much fun! great idea, I also love those Austen scenes where someone is singing and playing piano...especially when Eliza is singing and Darcy gets that little smile....;)